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Apidologie Vol. 33 No. 2


Vol. 33 No. 2 (March-April 2002)

Special Issue
The Cape honeybee (Apis mellifera capensis). From laying workers to social parasites

  • Editorial    p. 99
    PDF file (46 KB)

  • Apis mellifera capensis: an essay on the subspecific classification of honeybees     p. 105
    Randall Hepburn and Sarah E. Radloff
    Abstract | References | PDF file (974 KB)

  • A method for estimating variation in the phenotypic expression of morphological characters by thelytokous parthenogenesis in Apis mellifera capensis     p. 129
    Sarah E. Radloff, Randall Hepburn, Peter Neumann, Robin F.A. Moritz and Per Kryger
    Abstract | References | PDF file (65.9 KB)

  • Pheromone mimicry by Apis mellifera capensis social parasites leads to reproductive anarchy in host Apis mellifera scutellata colonies     p. 139
    Theresa Clair Wossler
    Abstract | References | PDF file (589 KB)

  • Behavioural basis for social parasitism of Cape honeybees (Apis mellifera capensis)     p. 165
    Peter Neumann and Randall Hepburn
    Abstract | References | PDF file (185 KB)

  • Getting more than a fair share: nutrition of worker larvae related to social parasitism in the Cape honey bee Apis mellifera capensis     p. 193
    Johan N.M. Calis, Willem J. Boot, Mike H. Allsopp and Madeleine Beekman
    Abstract | References | PDF file (149 KB)

  • Egg laying and egg removal by workers are positively correlated in queenright Cape honeybee colonies (Apis mellifera capensis)     p. 203
    Christian W.W. Pirk, Peter Neumann and H. Randall Hepburn
    Abstract | References | PDF file (119 KB)

  • A scientific note on the ovarial and pheromonal development of drifted and non-drifted Cape honeybee workers (Apis mellifera capensis)     p. 213
    Sacha L. Reece
    Abstract | References | PDF file (41.5 KB)

  • Usurpation of African Apis mellifera scutellata colonies by parasitic Apis mellifera capensis workers     p. 215
    Stephen Martin, Theresa Wossler and Per Kryger
    Abstract | References | PDF file (290 KB)

  • Population dynamics of the Cape bee phenomenon: The impact of parasitic laying worker clones in apiaries and natural populations     p. 233
    Robin F.A. Moritz
    Abstract | References | PDF file (507 KB)

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