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Table II

ESTs sequenced from two Representational Difference Analysis (RDA) libraries of mucus gland mRNA of newly emerged drones. These ESTs were mapped to the honey bee genome and compared to non-redundant (nr) databases. Shown are the genomic location (Group in the Amel 3.0 assembly) and GLEAN3-predicted CDS (GB - gene number in Official Gene Set 1; The Honeybee Genome Sequencing Consortium, 2006), hit localization of ESTs (to CDS or putatve UTR) and the number of ESTs mapping to each site, the respective fly or human orthologs retrieved by BLASTP searches in GenBank, followed by the similarity index (e-value) and corresponding Gene Ontology terms obtained from Flybase (

Group GB Localization ESTs Ortholog e-value Biological
# (fly or human) process
GroupUn.1897 GB12546 CDS 28 acid phosphatase 2e-51 phosphate metabolism
Group10.14 GB17584 CDS 11 predictedhypothetical protein 5e-41
GroupUn.3 GB11965 CDS 06 myosin heavychain 0.0 cytokinesis; mitosis; myofibril assembly; striated muscle contraction
Group7.11 GB14689 CDS 03 peptidase 0.0 proteolysis
GroupUn.1159 GB14853 CDS 02 atlastin 0.0 immune response
Group11.2 GB15345 CDS 02 CG2989 1e-171 cell-cell signaling; chitin and polysaccharide metabolism; signal transduction
Group9.1 GB13141 5’UTR - 53 bp and 214 bp 02 shaggy 1e-13 intracellular signaling cascade; Notch and Wnt receptor signaling pathway; negative regulation of smoothened signaling pathway; oogenesis; protein amino acid phosphorylation; regulation of proteolysis and transcription
Group11.26 GB13617 CDS 01 bitesize 3e-122 positive regulation of body size; positive regulation of cell size; synaptic vesicle transport
GroupUn.460 GB12819 CDS 01 CG14439 3e-176 transport
Group7.11 GB17753 CDS 01 aminopeptidase 5e-149 proteolysis
Group2.1 GB17562 CDS 01 CG8801 0.0 cell proliferation
Group16.5 GB11237 CDS 01 suppressor of variegation 3-9 0.0 DNA methylation; chromatin assembly or disassembly; chromatin silencing; establishment and/or maintenance of chromatin architecture; gene silencing; histone H3-K9 methylation; histone methylation; histone modification; oogenesis; translational initiation
Group16.10 GB18446 CDS 01 ypsilon schachtel 1e-22 oogenesis; regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
Group13.4 GB19169 CDS 01 CG15105 6e-152 cell proliferation; nucleic acid metabolism; protein ubiquitination; regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter; transport
Group1.25 GB11183 3’UTR- 253bp 01 basigin 2e-24 spermatid development
GroupUn.89 GB16541 CDS 01 CG11791 5e-70
Group2.5 GB18642 CDS 01 predictedhypothetical protein 0.0
GroupUn.447 GB12575 CDS 01 fau 7e-10
Group6.27 GB16247 CDS 01 KIAA1345 8e-24
Group8.18 GB17780 CDS 01 CG8483 5e-38 defense response