Apidologie: Special issues

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pp. 225-424
Honey bee health
pp. 193-417
Bee conservation
pp. 1-197
Insights into Bee Evolution: A Tribute to Charles D. Michener
pp. 121-315
Stingless bees: biology and management
pp. 143-284
the neglected gender - males in bees
pp. S1-S111
European unifloral honeys
pp. 97-226
Information flow and group decision making in social bees
pp. 99-244
The Cape honeybee (Apis mellifera capensis). From laying workers to social parasites
pp. 157-339
Taxonomy and Evolutionary biology of the Honeybees
pp. 85-248
Dynamics and control of Varroa parasitism on Apis
pp. 7-205
Colony integration
pp. 243-323
Intra-specific variation in the honeybee
pp. 331-430
Asian honeybees
pp. 163-271
Non-Apis bees
pp. 119-264
F. Ruttner 80th birthday
pp. 157-354
Neurobiology of the honeybee
pp. 567-652
Evolution and genetics
pp. 383-488
Anna Maurizio
pp. 371-450