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Table IV

ESTs sequenced from two Representational Difference Analysis (RDA) libraries of mucus gland mRNA of 8 day-old drones. These ESTs were mapped to the honey bee genome and compared to non-redundant (nr) databases. Shown are the genomic location (Group in the Amel 3.0 assembly) and GLEAN3-predicted CDS (GB - gene number in Official Gene Set 1; The Honey Bee Genome Sequencing Consortium, 2006), hit localization of ESTs (to CDS or putatve UTR) and the number of ESTs mapping to each site, the respective fly or human orthologs retrieved by BLASTP searches in GenBank, followed by the respective similarity index (e-value) and corresponding Gene Ontology terms obtained from Flybase (

Group GB Localization ESTs Ortholog e-value Biological process
# (fly)
Group7.26 GB15582 CDS 01 14-3-3ε 7e-129 DNA damage checkpoint; Ras protein signal transduction; imaginal disc development; maintenance of oocyte identity; mitotic checkpoint; nonassociative learning; oocyte microtubule cytoskeleton polarization; regulation of mitosis; response to external stimulus; response to radiation
Group7.15 GB16909 CDS 01 stretchin-mlck 0.0 chromosome segregation; cytokinesis; heart development; mesoderm development; mitosis; protein amino acid phosphorylation
Group5.11 GB12212 CDS 01 kayak 9e-18 JNK cascade; R3/R4 cell fate commitment; antimicrobial humoral response; central nervous system development; dorsal closure; establishment of planar polarity; follicle cell migration; head involution; imaginal disc fusion, thorax closure; midgut development, regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent, response to wounding, wound healing
Group14.4 GB18543 3’UTR 01 hyaluronidase 0.0
-152 bp