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Table I

Detailed records of all sightings of B. t. sassaricus workers (W), queens (F) and males (M) observed during the 1988–2002 survey period which yielded 7946 sightings of B. terrestris.

Date Location Habitat Flower Subspecies
(with European data
22.VII.1991 43° 13′ 46” N 6° 31′ 04” E Fallow land in Echium plantagineum L. B. t. terrestris 4W
Var, Cogolin, Les cultivated plain B. t. sassaricus 1W
Faisses (vineyards,
4.X.1993 43° 07′ 05” N 6° 11′ 53” E Salty grassland with Salpichroa origanifolia (Lam.) Baillon B. t. lusitanicus 6F
Var, Hyères, Les Salicornia and some B. t. terrestris 25M
Salins d’Hyères rubble on the verge B. t. sassaricus 1F
B. t. terrestris 2W
25.VII.1994 43° 41′ 26” N 4° 10′ 46” E Fallow land in S. origanifolia B. t. terrestris 1F
Gard, Aimargues, Mas cultivated plain B. t. terrestris 20W
de St-Michel (vineyards, orchards, B. t. terrestris 10M
greenhouses), ruderal B. t. sassaricus 1W
vegetation with S. B. t. sassaricus 2M
origanifolia B. t. terrestris x 1M
16.IV.1998 43° 18′ 28” N 6° 18′ 33” E Small garden in Wisteria floribunda B. t. lusitanicus 10W
Var, Gonfaron, Notre-Dame Mediterranean Forest (Willd.) DC. B. t. lusitanicus 20M
du Figuier Quercus (ornemental) B. t. terrestris 40W
pubescens, Q. suber, B. t. terrestris 3F
Erica arborea, B. t. terrestris 20M
Arbutus unedo B. t. sassaricus 4W