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Figure 2


Time distribution in minutes for (a) start of uncapping (Chi-square = 19.77; P = 0.002), (b) end of uncapping (Chi-square = 9.3244; P = 0.0002), (c) start of removal (Chi-square = 23.2094; P < 0.0001), (d) end of removal (Chi-square = 16.5490; P = 0.0009) according to group of bees (H = Hygienic and NH = Non Hygienic) and treatments (M = mummies PB = pierced brood). The length of the box represents the interquartile range (the distance between the 25th and the 75th percentiles). The plus sign inside the box represents the median. The vertical lines issuing from the box represents the 5th and the 95th percentiles. Dots represent the minimum and maximum values. Within each graph, different letters above each box designate significant differences among the treatment groups.

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