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Table I

Average values for the proportion of tagged bees, visits/bee, visit duration, total time, and average time the bees in the H and NH colonies spent inspecting, uncapping and removing the chalkbrood mummies from the cells (n = 2100). Proportions followed by different letters show significant differences between the lines of bees for the variable measured.

Activity Bee Tagged Visits/bee Visit duration Total time
line (%) mean (second) (second)
(min–max) median (Q1–Q3). median (Q1–Q3)

H 16.57a 2.85 (1–40)a 11 (6–21)a 16 (7–41)a

NH 5.43b 3.16 (1–41)a 5.5 (14–28)a 23 (7–76)a


H 4.29a 2.48 (1–30)a 37 (13.1–77.9)a 62 (21–135)a

NH 1.10b 6.04 (1–22)b 59 (39–104.1)b 158 (41–511)b


H 3.05a 2.67 (1–19)a 42 (12–130.5)a 68 (19–261)a

NH 1.19b 3.36 (1–13) b 110 (57–196)b 222 (57–448)b