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Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of acute bee paralysis virus collected from some important beekeeping provinces of Iran

Mohammadreza Ghorani, Arash Ghalyanchi Langeroudi, Mohammadreza Rezapanah and Nasser Hajipour
Journal of Apicultural Research 63 (2) 228 (2024)

A small scale survey in Morocco revealed the presence of four honey bee viruses

Mohamed Afechtal, Majid Mounir, Khaled Djelouah, Maria Saponari and Raied Abou Kubaa
Journal of Apicultural Research 62 (3) 496 (2023)

Age-related response to mite parasitization and viral infection in the honey bee suggests a trade-off between growth and immunity

Virginia Zanni, Davide Frizzera, Fabio Marroni, Elisa Seffin, Desiderato Annoscia, Francesco Nazzi and Olav Rueppell
PLOS ONE 18 (7) e0288821 (2023)

Viruses that affect Argentinian honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Marcos D. Salina, María L. Genchi Garcia, Bárbara Bais, et al.
Archives of Virology 166 (6) 1533 (2021)

Seasonal variation of viral infections between the eastern honey bee (Apis cerana) and the western honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Gongwen Chen, Yuqi Wu, Jie Deng, Zhengsheng Wen, Shuai Wang, Yanping Chen, Fuliang Hu and Huoqing Zheng
MicrobiologyOpen 10 (1) (2021)

Adapted tolerance to virus infections in four geographically distinct Varroa destructor-resistant honeybee populations

Barbara Locke, Srinivas Thaduri, Jörg G. Stephan, Matthew Low, Tjeerd Blacquière, Bjørn Dahle, Yves Le Conte, Peter Neumann and Joachim R. de Miranda
Scientific Reports 11 (1) (2021)

Comparative analysis of viruses in four bee species collected from agricultural, urban, and natural landscapes

Tugce Olgun, Sydney E. Everhart, Troy Anderson, Judy Wu-Smart and Wolfgang Blenau
PLOS ONE 15 (6) e0234431 (2020)

Detection of the deformed wing virus of bees using the polymerase chain reaction: a review with reference to method performance

Antonia Mataragka, Shannon Leetham, Cassie S. Smyth, et al.
Journal of Apicultural Research 59 (4) 486 (2020)

Raw Material Scarcity and Overproduction in the Food Industry

Suresh D. Sharma, Arpan R. Bhagat and Salvatore Parisi
SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science, Raw Material Scarcity and Overproduction in the Food Industry 31 (2019)

A Comparison of Deformed Wing Virus in Deformed and Asymptomatic Honey Bees

Laura Brettell, Gideon Mordecai, Declan Schroeder, Ian Jones, Jessica Da Silva, Marina Vicente-Rubiano and Stephen Martin
Insects 8 (1) 28 (2017)

Varroa destructor (Mesostigmata: Varroidae) Parasitism and Climate Differentially Influence the Prevalence, Levels, and Overt Infections of Deformed Wing Virus in Honey Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Ricardo Anguiano-Baez, Ernesto Guzman-Novoa, Mollah Md. Hamiduzzaman, Laura G. Espinosa-Montaño and Adriana Correa-Benítez
Journal of Insect Science 16 (1) 44 (2016)

Inheritance of reduced Varroa mite reproductive success in reciprocal crosses of mite-resistant and mite-susceptible honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Barbara Locke
Apidologie 47 (4) 583 (2016)

Genome-Wide Association Study of a Varroa -Specific Defense Behavior in Honeybees ( Apis mellifera )

Andreas Spötter, Pooja Gupta, Manfred Mayer, Norbert Reinsch and Kaspar Bienefeld
Journal of Heredity 107 (3) 220 (2016)

Statement on the suitability of the BEEHAVE model for its potential use in a regulatory context and for the risk assessment of multiple stressors in honeybees at the landscape level

EFSA Journal 13 (6) 4125 (2015)

Prospective Large-Scale Field Study Generates Predictive Model Identifying Major Contributors to Colony Losses

Merav Gleit Kielmanowicz, Alex Inberg, Inbar Maayan Lerner, et al.
PLOS Pathogens 11 (4) e1004816 (2015)

Holistic screening of collapsing honey bee colonies in Spain: a case study

Almudena Cepero, Jorgen Ravoet, Tamara Gómez-Moracho, José Luis Bernal, Maria J Del Nozal, Carolina Bartolomé, Xulio Maside, Aránzazu Meana, Amelia V González-Porto, Dirk C de Graaf, Raquel Martín-Hernández and Mariano Higes
BMC Research Notes 7 (1) (2014)

Occurrence of parasites and pathogens in honey bee colonies used in a European genotype-environment interactions experiment

Marina Doris Meixner, Roy Mathew Francis, Anna Gajda, et al.
Journal of Apicultural Research 53 (2) 215 (2014)

On the Front Line: Quantitative Virus Dynamics in Honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) Colonies along a New Expansion Front of the Parasite Varroa destructor

Fanny Mondet, Joachim R. de Miranda, Andre Kretzschmar, et al.
PLoS Pathogens 10 (8) e1004323 (2014)

Prevalence and distribution patterns of seven different honeybee viruses in diseased colonies: a case study from Croatia

Ivana Tlak Gajger, Jolanta Kolodziejek, Tamás Bakonyi and Norbert Nowotny
Apidologie 45 (6) 701 (2014)

The role of deformed wing virus in the initial collapse of varroa infested honey bee colonies in the UK

Stephen J Martin, Brenda V Ball and Norman L Carreck
Journal of Apicultural Research 52 (5) 251 (2013)

Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of deformed wing viruses isolated from South Korea

Kondreddy Eswar Reddy, Jin Hyeong Noh, Mi-Sun Yoo, et al.
Veterinary Microbiology 167 (3-4) 272 (2013)

Genetic diversity of acute bee paralysis virus in Slovenian honeybee samples

Urška Jamnikar Ciglenečki and Ivan Toplak
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 61 (2) 244 (2013)

Development of a 44K SNP assay focussing on the analysis of a varroa‐specific defence behaviour in honey bees (Apis mellifera carnica)

Molecular Ecology Resources 12 (2) 323 (2012)

Acaricide Treatment Affects Viral Dynamics in Varroa destructor-Infested Honey Bee Colonies via both Host Physiology and Mite Control

Barbara Locke, Eva Forsgren, Ingemar Fries and Joachim R. de Miranda
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78 (1) 227 (2012)

Development of a real-time RT-PCR assay with TaqMan probe for specific detection of acute bee paralysis virus

Urška Jamnikar Ciglenečki and Ivan Toplak
Journal of Virological Methods 184 (1-2) 63 (2012)

Virus present in the reproductive tract of asymptomatic drones of honey bee (Apis mellifera l.), and possible infection of queen during mating

Carminda Da Cruz‐Landim, Thaisa C. Roat and Fernanda C. Fernadez
Microscopy Research and Technique 75 (7) 986 (2012)

Evidence for emerging parasites and pathogens influencing outbreaks of stress-related diseases like chalkbrood

Kati Hedtke, Per Moestrup Jensen, Annette Bruun Jensen and Elke Genersch
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 108 (3) 167 (2011)

Effects of honey bee virus prevalence, Varroa destructor load and queen condition on honey bee colony survival over the winter in Belgium

Bach Kim Nguyen, Magali Ribière, Dennis vanEngelsdorp, et al.
Journal of Apicultural Research 50 (3) 195 (2011)

Characteristics of honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera) in Sweden surviving Varroa destructor infestation

Barbara Locke and Ingemar Fries
Apidologie 42 (4) 533 (2011)

Dynamics of Persistent and Acute Deformed Wing Virus Infections in Honey Bees, Apis mellifera

Gennaro Di Prisco, Xuan Zhang, Francesco Pennacchio, Emilio Caprio, Jilian Li, Jay D. Evans, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Michele Hamilton and Yan Ping Chen
Viruses 3 (12) 2425 (2011)

The epidemiology of cloudy wing virus infections in honey bee colonies in the UK

Norman L. Carreck, Brenda V. Ball and Stephen J. Martin
Journal of Apicultural Research 49 (1) 66 (2010)

Transmission of deformed wing virus and slow paralysis virus to adult bees (Apis mellifera L.) by Varroa destructor

M. Teresa Santillán-Galicia, Brenda V. Ball, Suzanne J. Clark and Peter G. Alderson
Journal of Apicultural Research 49 (2) 141 (2010)

Prevalence and persistence of deformed wing virus (DWV) in untreated or acaricide-treated Varroa destructor infested honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies

Stephen J Martin, Brenda V Ball and Norman L Carreck
Journal of Apicultural Research 49 (1) 72 (2010)

Genetic characterization of slow bee paralysis virus of the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.)

J. R. de Miranda, B. Dainat, B. Locke, et al.
Journal of General Virology 91 (10) 2524 (2010)

Research strategies to improve honeybee health in Europe

Robin F.A. Moritz, Joachim de Miranda, Ingemar Fries, et al.
Apidologie 41 (3) 227 (2010)

First molecular detection of a viral pathogen in Ugandan honey bees

Robert Kajobe, Gay Marris, Giles Budge, et al.
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 104 (2) 153 (2010)

The Acute bee paralysis virus–Kashmir bee virus–Israeli acute paralysis virus complex

Joachim R. de Miranda, Guido Cordoni and Giles Budge
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 103 S30 (2010)

Localization of deformed wing virus (DWV) in the brains of the honeybee, Apis mellifera Linnaeus

Karan S Shah, Elizabeth C Evans and Marie C Pizzorno
Virology Journal 6 (1) (2009)

Incidence of acute bee paralysis virus, black queen cell virus, chronic bee paralysis virus, deformed wing virus, Kashmir bee virus and sacbrood virus in honey bees (Apis mellifera) in Denmark

Steen Lykke Nielsen, Mogens Nicolaisen and Per Kryger
Apidologie 39 (3) 310 (2008)

Venereal and vertical transmission of deformed wing virus in honeybees (Apis mellifera L.)

J.R. de Miranda and I. Fries
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 98 (2) 184 (2008)

Convergent host–parasite codon usage between honeybee and bee associated viral genomes

Panuwan Chantawannakul and Robert W. Cutler
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 98 (2) 206 (2008)

Prevalence of pathogenic bee viruses in Hungarian apiaries: Situation before joining the European Union

Petra Forgách, Tamás Bakonyi, Zsuzsanna Tapaszti, Norbert Nowotny and Miklós Rusvai
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 98 (2) 235 (2008)

A real-time PCR based survey on acute bee paralysis virus in German bee colonies

Reinhold Siede, Matthias König, Ralph Büchler, Klaus Failing and Heinz-Jürgen Thiel
Apidologie 39 (6) 650 (2008)

Phylogenetic Analysis of Deformed Wing Virus Genotypes from Diverse Geographic Origins Indicates Recent Global Distribution of the Virus

Olga Berényi, Tamás Bakonyi, Irmgard Derakhshifar, Hemma Köglberger, Gražyna Topolska, Wolfgang Ritter, Hermann Pechhacker and Norbert Nowotny
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73 (11) 3605 (2007)

Incidence and molecular characterization of viruses found in dying New Zealand honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies infested withVarroa destructor

Jacqui H. Todd, Joachim R. De Miranda and Brenda V. Ball
Apidologie 38 (4) 354 (2007)

Deformed wing virus is not related to honey bees' aggressiveness

Agnès Rortais, Diana Tentcheva, Alexandros Papachristoforou, Laurent Gauthier, Gérard Arnold, Marc Edouard Colin and Max Bergoin
Virology Journal 3 (1) (2006)

Comparative analysis of deformed wing virus (DWV) RNA inApis melliferaandVarroa destructor

Diana Tentcheva, Laurent Gauthier, Leila Bagny, et al.
Apidologie 37 (1) 41 (2006)

Occurrence of Six Honeybee Viruses in Diseased Austrian Apiaries

Olga Berényi, Tamás Bakonyi, Irmgard Derakhshifar, Hemma Köglberger and Norbert Nowotny
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72 (4) 2414 (2006)

Localization of deformed wing virus infection in queen and drone Apis mellifera L

Julie Fievet, Diana Tentcheva, Laurent Gauthier, Joachim de Miranda, François Cousserans, Marc Edouard Colin and Max Bergoin
Virology Journal 3 (1) (2006)

Molecular and Biological Characterization of Deformed Wing Virus of Honeybees ( Apis mellifera L.)

Gaetana Lanzi, Joachim R. de Miranda, Maria Beatrice Boniotti, Craig E. Cameron, Antonio Lavazza, Lorenzo Capucci, Scott M. Camazine and Cesare Rossi
Journal of Virology 80 (10) 4998 (2006)

Quantitative Real-Time Reverse Transcription-PCR Analysis of Deformed Wing Virus Infection in the Honeybee ( Apis mellifera L.)

Y. P. Chen, J. A. Higgins and M. F. Feldlaufer
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71 (1) 436 (2005)

Detection of Chronic bee paralysis virus and Acute bee paralysis virus in Uruguayan honeybees

Karina Antúnez, Bruno D’ Alessandro, Eduardo Corbella and Pablo Zunino
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 90 (1) 69 (2005)

Prevalence and Seasonal Variations of Six Bee Viruses in Apis mellifera L. and Varroa destructor Mite Populations in France

Diana Tentcheva, Laurent Gauthier, Nathalie Zappulla, Benjamin Dainat, François Cousserans, Marc Edouard Colin and Max Bergoin
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 70 (12) 7185 (2004)