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Anatomy and histology of the male reproductive tract of the parasitoid wasp Hymenoepimecis bicolor (Brullé, 1846) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Laryssa Lemos Silva, Jamile Fernanda Silva Cossolin, Thiago Gechel Kloss, Jessica Roberta Lacerda Alvim, Aline Beatriz Reis, José Cola Zanuncio, Bárbara Monteiro de Castro e Castro and José Eduardo Serrão
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Shinya Hayashi, Hiwatashi Kenta and Tsunao Itoh
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Morphology, Histology, and Cytology of the Testis and Accessory Glands of Bolua turkiyae (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae)

Iğdır Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi 13 (3) 1613 (2023)

Queens remate despite traumatic mating in stingless bees

Jamille Costa Veiga, Gustavo Rodrigo Sanches Ruiz, Gislene Almeida Carvalho-Zilse, Cristiano Menezes, Felipe Andrés León Contrera and Zhi-Yun Jia
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Prospects in Connecting Genetic Variation to Variation in Fertility in Male Bees

Garett P. Slater, Nicholas M. A. Smith and Brock A. Harpur
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Testicular Changes of Honey Bee Drones, Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae), During Sexual Maturation

Colby D Klein, Ivanna V Kozii, Sarah C Wood, Roman V Koziy, Michael W Zabrodski, Ihor Dvylyuk, Igor Medici de Mattos, Igor Moshynskyy, Ali Honaramooz, Elemir Simko and Hongmei Li-Byarlay
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Factors Influencing the Reproductive Ability of Male Bees: Current Knowledge and Further Directions

Huiyue Zhao, Shibonage K. Mashilingi, Yanjie Liu and Jiandong An
Insects 12 (6) 529 (2021)

The male reproductive accessory glands of the blister beetle Meloe proscarabaeus Linnaeus, 1758 (Coleoptera: Meloidae): Anatomy and ultrastructure of the cantharidin-storing organs

Maurizio Muzzi, Andrea Di Giulio, Emiliano Mancini, Emiliano Fratini, Manuela Cervelli, Tecla Gasperi, Paolo Mariottini, Tiziana Persichini and Marco Alberto Bologna
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Mating status and the evolution of eusociality: Oogenesis is independent of mating status in the solitary bee Osmia bicornis

Jens Van Eeckhoven and Elizabeth J. Duncan
Journal of Insect Physiology 121 104003 (2020)

Structural Changes in the Male Reproductive Tract of the Stingless Bee Scaptotrigona xanthotricha Moure 1950 (Meliponini, Apidae) During Sexual Maturation

Vinícius Albano Araujo, José Eduardo Serrão, Yasmine Antonini, Lucimar Gomes Dias and José Lino Neto
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Putative Drone Copulation Factors Regulating Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Queen Reproduction and Health: A Review

Laura M. Brutscher, Boris Baer and Elina L. Niño
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A mating plug in a squid? Sneaker spermatophores can block the female sperm-storage organ in Doryteuthis plei

Luiza O. Saad, Thomas Schwaha, Stephan Handschuh, Andreas Wanninger and José E.A.R. Marian
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Ultrastructure of male accessory glands in the scorpionfly Sinopanorpa tincta (Navás, 1931) (Mecoptera: Panorpidae)

Qi-Hui Lyu and Bao-Zhen Hua
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Preservation of Domesticated Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Drone Semen

M. Paillard, A. Rousseau, P. Giovenazzo and J. L. Bailey
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Morphology and ultrastructure of the male reproductive system of the jewel wasp, Nasonia vitripennis (Walker) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Nai-Yong Liu, Guo-Xing Wu, Sang-Zi Ze, Bin Yang and Jia-Ying Zhu
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Structure of the male reproductive accessory glands of Pterostichus nigrita (Coleoptera: Carabidae), their role in spermatophore formation

Stephanie Krüger, Hans-Joerg Ferenz, Marvin Randall and Alan N. Hodgson
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Do the size and age of mating plugs alter their efficacy in protecting paternity?

Katrin Kunz, Melanie Witthuhn and Gabriele Uhl
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The effect of brood incubation temperature on the reproductive value of honey bee (Apis mellifera) drones

Krystyna Czekońska, Bożena Chuda-Mickiewicz and Paweł Chorbiński
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Do Female Life Span and Fecundity of Small Ermine Moth Increase with Multiple Mating and Adult Nutrition?

Katherine Parker, Peter Roessingh and Steph B. J. Menken
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Macroevolutionary patterns of bumblebee body size: detecting the interplay between natural and sexual selection

Raúl Cueva del Castillo and Daphne J. Fairbairn
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Synthesis and chemical composition of mucus gland secretions inApis cerana indica

Arun Baburao Sawarkar and Dnyaneshwar Bapuji Tembhare
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A mating plug protein reduces early female remating in Drosophila melanogaster

Amanda Bretman, Mara K.N. Lawniczak, James Boone and Tracey Chapman
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A double role of sperm in scorpions: The mating plug of Euscorpius italicus (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae) consists of sperm

Sarah Althaus, Alain Jacob, Werner Graber, Deborah Hofer, Wolfgang Nentwig and Christian Kropf
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Male Mating Constraints Affect Mutual Mate Choice: Prudent Male Courting and Sperm‐Limited Females

Roger Härdling, Thomas Gosden and Robin Aguilée
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Seminal fluid enhances sperm viability in the leafcutter ant Atta colombica

Susanne P. A. den Boer, Jacobus J. Boomsma and Boris Baer
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Mating affects reproductive investment into eggs, but not the timing of oogenesis in the flesh fly Sarcophaga crassipalpis

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Sperm viability in the male accessory testes and female spermathecae of the bumblebee Bombus terrestris (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

European Journal of Entomology 105 (5) 849 (2008)

Protein profiles of testes, seminal vesicles and accessory glands of honey bee pupae and their relation to the ecdysteroid titer

Sibele de Oliveira Tozetto, Márcia Maria Gentile Bitondi, Rodrigo Pires Dallacqua and Zilá Luz Paulino Simões
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Low queen mating frequency in the seed-harvester ant Pogonomyrmex (Ephebomyrmex) pima: implications for the evolution of polyandry

C. Tate Holbrook, Christoph-Peter Strehl, Robert A. Johnson and Jürgen Gadau
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Mating flight duration ofApis melliferaqueens: As short as possible, as long as necessary

Nikolaus Koeniger and Gudrun Koeniger
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Proteomic analyses of male contributions to honey bee sperm storage and mating

A. M. Collins, T. J. Caperna, V. Williams, W. M. Garrett and J. D. Evans
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Larger ejaculate volumes are associated with a lower degree of polyandry across bushcricket taxa

Karim Vahed
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273 (1599) 2387 (2006)