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Volume 25, Number 3, 1994
Page(s) 331 - 337
Apidologie 25 (1994) 331-337
DOI: 10.1051/apido:19940309

Drone congregation of Apis cerana japonica (Radoszkowski, 1877) above large trees

S. Fujiwaraa, H. Miurab, T. Kumagaib, T. Sawaguchib, S. Nayab, T. Gotob, H. Asanumab and K. Suzukib

a  Office of the Society of Japanese Honeybee, Wakazono-chyo 3-10, Morioka 020, Japan
b  Laboratory of Applied Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Morioka 020, Japan

Abstract - In 3 consecutive years (1990-1992) drones of Apis cerana japonica were observed pursuing queen dummies in a comet-shaped swarm above prominent trees (Zelkova serrata) at a shrine in Morioka, northern Japan. The height of the Zelkova tree was between 17.2 and 22.5 m. Thus, drones of A c japonica aggregate at landmark mating areas like tree tops. Drones were marked at their colonies and some were recaptured at the drone congregation area at a distance of 500 m from their colonies.

Key words: Apis cerana japonica / drone congregation area / tree topping / Zelkova serrata / reproductive behavior