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Volume 34, Number 2, March-April 2003
Page(s) 121 - 127
Apidologie 34 (2003) 121-127
DOI: 10.1051/apido:2003002

Periodic mass flights of Apis laboriosa in Nepal

Jerzy Woykea, Jerzy Wildeb and Maria Wildec

a  Agricultural University, Apiculture Division, 166 Nowoursynowska, 02-787 Warsaw, Poland
b  WM University, Apiculture Division, Olsztyn, Poland
c  Dabur Apicultural Centre, Jugedi, Chitwan, Nepal

(Received 19 December 2001; revised 2 August 2002; accepted 22 August 2002)

The investigations were conducted in the Himalayas in Nepal. Two cliff sites, one with 16 A. laboriosa nests and the other with 53 nests were observed. Together 120 periodic mass flights (PMF) performed by A. laboriosa worker bees during 8 days were recorded. Workers from $50-81\%$ of colonies performed PMF, during days of adequate weather conditions. The flights were not performed during overcast days. Worker bees from different colonies perform PMF at different times of the day. Workers from the same colonies perform PMF at different times in subsequent days. While workers from some colonies did not perform any PMF during several days, others perform 2 or 3 PMF per day.

Key words: Apis laboriosa / periodic mass flights / Nepal / Himalayas

Correspondence and reprints: Jerzy Woyke

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