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Volume 34, Number 2, March-April 2003
Page(s) 191 - 192
Apidologie 34 (2003) 191-192
DOI: 10.1051/apido:2003013

A scientific note on levels of polyandry of 2 queens of the Himalayan giant honeybee, Apis laboriosa

Jun-ichi Takahashia and Jun Nakamurab

a  Laboratory of Systematic Entomology, Department of Ecology and Systematics, Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, 060-8589, Japan
b  Honeybee Science Research Center, Tamagawa University, Machida, Tokyo, 194-8610, Japan

(Received 8 August 2002; revised 23 September 2002; accepted 3 October 2002)

(Without abstract)

Key words: Apis laboriosa / polyandry / mating number / microsatellites / relatedness

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    e-mail:; Present address: Laboratory of Entomology, Department of Agriculture, Graduate School of Agriculture, Tamagawa University, Machida, Tokyo, 194-8610, Japan.

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