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Volume 37, Number 1, January-February 2006
Page(s) III - III
Published online 03 March 2006
Apidologie 37 (2006) III-III
DOI: 10.1051/apido:2006007


Apidologie now offers an Open Access option to authors

Apidologie was founded in 1970 by merging Annales de l'Abeille and Zeitschrift für Bienenforschung and was headed during the first years by two Editors-in-Chief, J. Louveaux and O. Wahl. From an originally French-German journal, it rapidly became internationally recognized with the addition of an American editor, H. Shimanuki, in 1981.

Since then, the Editorial Board has strived to make the journal even more successful and now Apidologie is a major scientific resource for the entire bee research community. This is clearly reflected in the Journal Impact Factor and the statistics provided by Web of Science (ISI-Thompson), on publications related to bee biology.

As techniques in the scientific publishing field keep evolving, it has been essential for Apidologie to adapt new procedures to improve the publication process and ensure a broader and faster dissemination of the scientific results. Thus, the handling of manuscripts has been systematically moved to electronic processing since 1996 and the journal has been published online since 2000 by our new publisher EDP Sciences.

This year a further step is being taken by offering authors the option of Open Access to make their papers freely available to all readers as soon as the articles have been published online. To encourage authors in this way, we are offering a discount for the first year: it will cost 300 Euros to authors or their institution to have a paper freely accessible to anyone.

The Editorial Board hopes that authors will appreciate this offer and seize the opportunity to increase the spread and impact of their research results.

Apidologie Editorial Board January 2006

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