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Volume 23, Number 3, 1992
Page(s) 231 - 240
Apidologie 23 (1992) 231-240
DOI: 10.1051/apido:19920306

In vitro antiviral activity of propolis

M. Amorosa, F. Sauvagerb, L. Girrea and M. Cormierb

a  Faculté de Pharmacie, Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie, 35043 Rennes Cedex, France
b  Faculté de Pharmacie, Laboratoire de Microbiologie Pharmaceutique, Rennes, France

Abstract - The in vitro effect of propolis on several DNA and RNA viruses including herpes simplex type 1, an acyclovir resistant mutant, herpes simplex type 2, adenovirus type 2, vesicular stomatitis virus and poliovirus type 2, was investigated. The inhibition of poliovirus propagation was clearly observed through a plaque reduction test and a multistep virus replication assay with a selectivity index equal to 5. At the concentration of 30 μg/ml, propolis reduced the titer of herpes simplex viruses by 1 000, whereas vesicular stomatitis virus and adenovirus were less susceptible. In addition to its effect on virus multiplication, propolis was also found to exert a virucidal action on the enveloped viruses HSV and VSV.

Key words: propolis / herpes simplex virus / adenovirus / vesicular stomatitis virus / poliovirus / antiviral activity