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Volume 23, Number 3, 1992
Page(s) 241 - 244
Apidologie 23 (1992) 241-244
DOI: 10.1051/apido:19920307

The effect of Apis mellifera carnica Polm worker bee source for populating mating nuclei on degree of infection by Nosema apis Zander

A. Gregorca, N. Fijanb and J. Poklukara

a  Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Hacquetova 2, 61109 Ljubljana, Slovenia
b  Veterinary Faculty of Zagreb, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Abstract - The influence of worker bee source for populating mating nuclei on the degree of infection with Nosema apis Zander spores was examined. One-day-old bees were obtained by inserting brood combs into an incubator at 34-35 °C. Older worker bees were taken from the same donor colony. Bees from the incubator were free from Nosema infection. The average infection level in donor colonies was 26.5% infected bees. At the end of the experiments the Nosema infection level was significantly lower in mating nuclei which were populated with bees from the incubator. Out of 23 examined queens, 2 were Nosema-infected; both came from mating nuclei with young worker bees. No statistically significant difference in Nosema disease level was found between the 2 sizes of nuclei used, populated with 1/3 l and 3/4 l bees respectively.

Key words: Nosema disease / mating nucleus