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Volume 25, Number 2, 1994
F. Ruttner 80th birthday
Page(s) 133 - 143
Apidologie 25 (1994) 133-143
DOI: 10.1051/apido:19940202

Morphometrical control of pure race breeding in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L)

D. Kauhausen-Keller and R. Keller

Länderinstitut für Bienenkunde, Friedrich-Engels-Strasse 32, D-16540 Hohen Neuendorf, Germany

Abstract - The comparative analysis of 112 honeybee samples from Brandenburg and seven samples of an A m carnica-breeding line from Hessen with the pure races A m mellifera and A m carnica revealed that the two German provenances are located in the proximity of the pure race A m carnica, but drift apart in the same direction. There are no signs of a still existing influence of A m mellifera-genes. The morphometrical control of pure race breeding turned out to be useful. The 'land bee' was at least in the studied places of Brandenburg and Hessen pushed away. For a total conformity with the pure race it would be necessary to control additional characteristics. The analysis of 6 samples of the time of Zander showed that this bee was really a hybrid between A m carnica and A m mellifera.

Key words: A m mellifera / A m carnica / genetic selection / morphometry / breeding scheme / Germany