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Volume 25, Number 3, 1994
Page(s) 322 - 326
Apidologie 25 (1994) 322-326
DOI: 10.1051/apido:19940307

A centromere-specific probe for fluorescence in situ hybridization on chromosomes of Apis mellifera L

M. Beye and R.F.A. Moritz

Institut für Biologie, Technische Universität Berlin, Franklinstr 28/29, 10587 Berlin, Germany

Abstract - Repetitive DNA was isolated through CsCl gradient centrifugation from genomic DNA of Apis mellifera L. DNA fragments were cloned and used for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Chromosomes were isolated from testes tissue of drone larvae. One clone, GC-6, proved to hybridize to the centromere of 14 chromosomes. This probe could be used in combination with others to identify various chromosomes of Apis mellifera.

Key words: Apis mellifera / chromosome / fluorescence in situ hybridization / repetitive DNA