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Table I

Proportion of variance in olfactory learning performances explained by different levels of analysis and corresponding heritability estimates for both the conditioning score (acquisition performance) and the extinction score (resistance to extinction).

% variance explained broad sense h2
between colonies (n = 2)* 0.4
Conditioning between patrilines within colonies 11.2 0.22
score between workers within patrilines 88.4
between colonies (n = 6)** 8.5

between colonies (n = 2)* 1.3
Extinction between patrilines within colonies 6.5 0.13
score between workers within patrilines 92.2
between colonies (n = 6)** 15.6

Colonies in which patriline-level analysis was conducted.


Larger set including four colonies in which individual learning performances were measured but patrilines were not characterized (and thus patriline-level analysis was not conducted).