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Volume 41, Number 5, September-October 2010
Page(s) 534 - 547
Published online 04 February 2010

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Table S1

Sampled localities, geographical coordinates, sample size (N), observed haplotypes, sample code and GenBank accession number for M. quadrifasciata.

Table S2

Coalescence parameters from MDIV, time of divergence (t) between clades for rate nucleotide substitution and confidence interval (CI) of t.

thumbnail Figure S1

Diagrams showing the mismatch distribution in M. quadrifasciata. A: north clade; B: south clade. The expected distribution is a stable population of constant size.

thumbnail Figure S2

Distribution of probabilities of the coalescence parameters as inferred from MDIV. A: theta, B: M, C: T. p refers to a probability, μ is the nucleotide substitution rate per year, Ne is the historic effective size, m is the migration rate and t is the time of divergence.

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